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1 November 2022

Join The Relay’s Global Stage 

Saturday 5th November marks the eve of the UN Climate Conference COP27, and at 10am local time in every time zone around the world, thousands of people will stand up for climate action by joining in the Global Stage of the Running Out of Time climate relay. 

Over the past month a relay baton has travelled from Glasgow, Scotland over thousands of miles and more than 700 stages towards the COP27 host city of Sharm El-Sheikh containing a message on quality universal climate education from young people to world leaders at the COP27 conference.

The Global Stage is an opportunity for people living all over the world to join in and to run, walk, cycle or move for 27 minutes at 10.00 am local time on 5th November - on their own or with friends and family. Then post those pics & selfies - #RunningOutofTime - to showcase our unity to the world.

By all of us joining one global event we want to show the world we can work together to combat climate change – and call on the world’s leaders to do the same.

How It Works

  1. Register at Running Out of Time – the Global Stage
    1. Please note that there is a 5 $/£/€ registration fee which includes a donation to our charity partners. If you are U16, a student or simply can’t afford the fee then please see the FAQs below for a discount code.
  2. Go for a 27 minute run, walk, cycle at 10.00 am on November 5th
    1. Time or date doesn’t work for you? 27 minutes too long or short for you? Want to do something other than running, walking or cycling? Please see the FAQs below.
  3. Post a picture or selfie of your run, walk or cycle on social media #RunningOutofTime

What Is Running Out of Time?

Running Out of Time is a record-breaking 7,767 km non-stop relay from Glasgow (COP26 host) to Sharm el-Sheikh (COP27 host) in the name of climate action.

Launched on September 30th the relay comprises 700+ stages and travels through 18 countries before arriving at Sharm el-Sheikh on November 8th for the start of COP 27. Powered exclusively by humans, the sun and the wind, the relay unites runners, cyclists and sailors in an extraordinary, epic adventure.

Once the baton arrives at Sharm El-Sheikh it will take centre stage at the UNESCO pavilion at COP27 and play a starring role in the Ministerial session on climate change and education.

The Message in the Baton

Inside the baton is a message on climate action - calling for universal quality climate education - from the young people of today to the world’s leaders at COP 27.

Please support the ‘message in the baton’ by joining 500,000+ others in signing your name!

The Global Stage  - FAQs

Date : Saturday 5th November (or as close to that date as you can make it)

Time : 10am (or whatever time is most convenient for you)

What Should I Do: Run, walk, swim, cycle, wheel – or any form of travel that’s human powered - for 27 minutes*

Where can I register? :

Why sign up : stand up for climate action ; take part in an unforgettable global event ; raise funds for environmental charities ; show what active travel can achieve without fossil fuels

Cost to register: £5 / $5 / €5  which includes a donation to our charity partners, the Running Out of Time logo and a digital participation certificate.

What if I’m U16, a student or simply can’t afford the registration fee? : email [email protected] for a free entry pass

*Or less if 27 minutes is too long for you. Or more if the mood takes you!

– ENDS – 

Editor Notes

To set up official photo opportunities, interviews, discuss special stages, prominent participants, points of interest etc please contact relay press contact Larissa Clark [email protected]

Press Pack including releases, images & B-roll: available via LINK

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