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Inside our relay baton will be a message to the decision makers at COP 27.
A message demanding quality climate education for all.
So that people have the skills, knowledge and opportunities to build sustainable, climate resilient communities.
So that together we can achieve net zero emissions and limit global warming to 1.5C.
Help us get there by showing your support for the message in the baton...
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We need a climate education relevant to our changing world.
We need it now. Help us get there!

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845,708 have signed.
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The Baton Message

We are Running Out of Time.

Quality climate education is critical if we are to equip people of all ages and in all places with the knowledge and skills necessary to build a future in which all can thrive.

Young people need to be recognised as leaders, placed at the forefront of the conversation about climate change and empowered through education.

We are calling on the world's leaders to provide us with the skills and training to build a sustainable world.

Our world is warming and to keep the increase to 1.5 degrees we need forward thinking, consistent policies and funding to help us reach Net Zero Emissions.

We are committed to help build a future that is inclusive and sustainable for all.

Show by your actions, not just words, that you are too.

Help us get there!

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How was the message created?

The Foundation for Environmental Education, together with a group of climate education NGO's and Sunnyside Primary School, worked with young people to analyse the key recommendations of experts, international conferences and climate change policy declarations. FEE’s experience of working globally in over 80 countries on the issue has helped in the articulation of the key demands.

Discuss the message in your classroom!

It’s time to inspire action through climate education. Every relay carries a baton - what's special about ours is that it will hold a message to the key decision makers at COP27. A message demanding quality Climate Education for All!

Download the activity here

Join our Global Schools Action Day on Thursday 3rd November! 🙌

Taking part in Running Out of Time is an exciting opportunity for your students’ voices to be heard at COP27; for them to learn more about climate change and show their support for climate action; and to take part in a unique and unforgettable event.

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