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Welcome to Slovenia!

We welcome everyone who cares about the environment and our future – SLOVENIA is proud to participate in the longest relay run, which has a common goal to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the environment. Join us at three major running handover points (events) in Slovenia.

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Join runners in Slovenia and celebrate climate action!

Throughout the 7,767km relay route we are visiting and celebrating some of the world’s most inspirational and groundbreaking climate action projects. Discover more about these projects below.

Primary school Jožeta Gorjupa Kostanjevica na Krki

Let’s preserve the Biodiversity!

Through the activities we carry out in all three projects, we teach young people the importance of preserving everything alive on our planet. The forest is our largest outdoor classroom – children of all ages learn about forest heritage and about all aspects of the forest (environmental, social, economic …). Through the activities, we draw attention to the importance of protecting forests and their sustainable management, which is very important for the preservation of overall biodiversity. Students get to know nature through all the senses. Create from natural materials, get to know indigenous plants and animals and learn about the importance of preserving nature and everything alive through a variety of activities. 

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Stage #425

Jožeta Gorjupa Kostanjevica na Krki

Through the activities and projects, we raise awareness among young people about the importance of conserving biodiversity for the preservation of our world. We will celebrate three intertwined projects: Hand in hand for biodiversity protection, Forest – our lifelong teacher, LEAF – Learning about forests. 

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Stage #426

Primary school Leskovec pri Krškem:We run for clean environment

As part of the Eco-Schools programe, the school is very active in different topics (biodiversity, climate change, energy, clean water, forests, food waste, sustainable mobility). Employees at the school make children aware of the importance of caring for our planet in all areas. They are educated in the spirit of using sustainable energy sources, caring for nature, for as little waste as possible or reusing it, as little food as possible discarded. Pupils successfully transfer knowledge to the home and local environment

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Stage #426

Primary school Leskovec pri Krškem: We run for clean environment

The school will present several of activities in connection to biodiversity, climate change and energy, as they are very active Eco-School.

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Krško GEN

We run for GREEN Energy

Through the project Youth in the World of Energy, we educate young people through various activities about the importance of using renewable energy sources for a better tomorrow.

As part of the project, with the help of professional and comprehensive content, we are implementing the mission of greater energy literacy among young people, with an emphasis on sustainable energy sources. Through various activities, students learn about the future of electricity supply in Slovenia and the world. They get to know renewable energy sources in detail, because this is the only way to reduce our environmental footprint with as little emissions as possible.

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Stage #427

Krško GEN: We run for GREEN Energy

Through the project Youth in the World of Energy, we educate young people through various activities about the importance of using renewable energy sources for a better tomorrow. 

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Got questions?

What is Running Out of Time?

What do you get if you mash-up an Attenborough nature documentary and the Olympics?... Running Out of Time!

We're bringing together multiple sports, incredible climate action projects, stunning natural landscapes, mixing them all together and throwing YOU into the heart of it!

Running Out of Time is a 2,661km relay from Ben Nevis to Big Ben. There are a total of 366 stages, with stages ranging from 2-30km long. The relay runs from sunrise to sunset for 32 days and travels to 30 counties.

Our goal is for the relay baton to be passed from person-to-person and arrive in London. Most stages will be run and a small number will be cycled. We will also be kayaking, canoeing, paragliding, skiing, mountain biking, walking, wheeling and more!

When is it?

The relay starts at Ben Nevis on Saturday 10th June and will finish at Big Ben on Tuesday 11th July.

Who can take part?

You must be over the age of 18 to sign-up to our relay and be able maintain an average pace of 6 minutes 15 seconds per kilometre / 10 minutes per mile for the duration of a stage.

If you are under the age of 18 and would like to run a stage, then please ask your parent/legal guardian to contact us at [email protected] and we will see if this can be accommodated.

We also have a Schools Action Day taking place on June 21st, which is open to schools around the UK.

Will the relay run to time?

It is the joint responsibility of all participants to keep the relay running to time. Please do everything in your power to prevent delays. We’re all relying on you!

Why are you doing this?

What do we do when we're running out of time? We run faster!

We are calling on everyone – from national government to local government; from individuals to communities; from schools to businesses – to work together to protect our world now and for future generations.

We aim to celebrate amazing climate action, and nature protection projects, run by community groups, charities, businesses and schools, from around the UK. Hopefully by championing all the great work already being done, we can play a part in securing more support and funding for these projects and others.

National partner

DOVES-FEE Slovenia

DOVES-FEE Slovenia (DOVES) operates in public interest in the field of the environment, being recognized and confirmed by the Slovene Ministry of the Environment. It is aiming to promote sustainable development through environmental education and tourism sector. DOVES was established in 1994 and is a full member of the international Foundation for the Environmental Education. There are 3 educational programs within FEE: Eco-Schools, Learning about Forests and Young reporters for the Environment, all implemented by DOVES. 

The Eco-Schools programme started in Slovenia in 1996. It is the largest network for ESD in the world and in Slovenia. It covers multiple environmental themes: water, energy, waste, biodiversity, sustainable mobility, food, health and wellbeing, school gardens, climate changes. Projects and activities are designed to increase awareness and to influence on making important decisions at all levels in the future. 

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A special thank you to these organisations supporting us in Slovenia...

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