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Parliament Square, Tuesday 11th July from 8-8.30pm

Join us at 8.00pm (20:00) on Tuesday 11th July for two epic moments in front of the most famous clock in the world - Big Ben!

At 20:10 we're celebrating the final stage of the Running Out of Time Relay and cheering participants into Parliament Square. You can join Stage 365 here (walkers and runners).

Followed by an incredible group photo at precisely 20:30 in front of Big Ben to draw attention to the 2030 Net Zero targets and how we are running out of time to achieve them. We need YOUR support to help make this moment as big as possible!

More action is needed by our government and that action is needed today.

ITV and other national media will be there to witness this moment. Join us!

See FAQs below for what we're asking of government.


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What will happen at 8.30pm?

This is our moment! At 8.30pm or 20:30, we need you to join us for one epic photo in front of the most famous clock in the world - Big Ben!

This peaceful gathering is to draw attention to the 2030 Net Zero targets and how we are Running Out of Time to achieve them. More action is needed by our government and that action is needed today. We're sending a message to government at precisely 20:30 on July 11th (Big Ben's birthday!)

Why are we gathering?

We're gathering for two reasons.

Firstly: We're gathering to call on government to support local initiatives to help communities reduce emissions, protect and restore nature, and support local people in the transition away from fossil fuels.

Secondly: It is also to celebrate the finale of the Running Out of Time Relay. A 32-day 2,661km relay from Ben Nevis to Big Ben championing climate action and nature.

The relay celebrates the fantastic work that is already being done. Shines a light on it and hopes to inspires others to follow suit. Keeping the pressure on our governments, our employers, our places of learning and ourselves to take collective action to look after our planet.

Join us!

What is this? A march? A demonstration?

This is a peaceful gathering to keep the pressure on our government to prioritise positive climate action. This will be the culmination of a 32-day relay that has travelled across the country raising awareness of the great work already being done by charities, councils, businesses, schools, individuals and communities.

At 20:30 we have an opportunity to bring national media attention to this issue and remind our government that more must be done.

Can I come on my own?

Yes! Everyone is welcome, lots of people come on their own.

What should I bring?

Water/drink in a reusable bottle and snacks.

Sun block (if we’re lucky!) an umbrella if not!

Any medication and hygiene products you need.

No alcohol or drugs please.

Wear green if you can, but don't worry if you can't. You being with us is the most important thing!

And beautiful, creative placards, flags, and banners.

Who else is going to be there?

The Great Big Green Week, The Climate Coalition, Planet Mark, Carbon Copy, Green Runners, Vegan Runners and many others have pledged their support.

This is not Running Out of Time's action – it’s everyone’s. Everyone is invited, because everyone is needed.

I represent an organisation, how do I support?

Drop us an email to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

How will it be inclusive and accessible?

The first thing to know is that this is a peaceful, family friendly gathering. Plans do not include roadblocks, or locking on or gluing on to anything. Nor do we plan to throw paint at buildings, or anything of that nature. This gathering intentionally focusses on attendance.

We’re working to create a welcoming space for all.

What should I do next?

Sign up and put it in your diary, and invite your friends or family!

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