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Rajiv Jindal

Hi everyone, I'm running to make sure our youth have a healthy planet to grow up in. Please sponsor my relay run and help raise money for incredible climate charities!

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Can you help us make it to cop27 and deliver our climate message? 🤗

Be a part of an extraordinary 7,200km non-stop relay from Scotland to Egypt carrying a climate change message from young people to the decision makers at COP 27. There are over 700 stages to join across 18 countries. Check out our route and see if the relay is coming near you!

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Turn this relay into a force for good!

Together, we want to put a bit of good back into the world and help protect this beautiful planet. That's why we're raising funds for the Global Forest Fund and Carbon Copy. 

The Global Forest Fund is a unique carbon compensation and climate change education initiative developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). It provides individuals and organisations alike the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by supporting projects that provide quality environmental education alongside tree-planting initiatives to communities worldwide.

Carbon Copy is a UK charity that helps accelerate a community-powered response to the biodiversity and climate crises. Our 1,000 stories, podcasts, nationwide events and analysis, inspire local people to act together, building greater resilience and fairness in their communities.

Please sponsor my run and help these incredible charities continue their work. 

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