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Stage #155

Christ Church CoE Primary School to Christ Church Church

Friday 28 June - 12:10pm

Step 1 of 3
Running Out of Time entry - Pay What You Want

In the interests of inclusivity, you can now Pay What You Want to register for the relay. Options are on Step 2.

  • Once registered, you can sign-up to multiple stages
  • If you are registering for yourself and other, then we will email a link to you so they can easily join your stage. Everyone will need to register to participate.
We'll e-mail you a pre-paid code to allow your family and friends to sign up
Add a little something extra to your run...
Running Out of Time medal - £10.00
  • Every medal has wildflower seeds in it, so when you've had enough of showing it off, simply plant it in the ground and you can grow your own wildflowers!
  • The ribbon is made from plastic-free, biodegradeable Tencel
  • It's fully biodegradeable, made up or recycled paper and card
  • The relay is a not-for-profit event. Purchasing a medal helps make the event possible!